Fic search

Hope somebody can help me find these fics been searching forever but can't find them anywhere
1. Think it's hogwarts au it ends in harry/draco but has hints of blaise/draco in the beginning where draco only wants to be friends because blaise can't commit then blaise gets with zacharias smith and becomes friends with harry and they play quiditch together.In one of the last chapters there is a attack at hogwarts by hagrids troll brother where hagrid and daphne greengrass die and draco blames himself cuz he told them about the troll. If anyone knows this fic please help me.
2. Mpreg draco. By potions accident. I remember harry and draco were making a potion and added both there blood by mistake harry was using the hbp book. There is one part where draco is enchanted by the giant squid to walk into the lake and harry saved him. Draco blaise and pansy end up moving into gryfindor for their protection its 6th year au i think. Draco is the one who is pregnant.
If you know either fic please help me thank you
P.s it's not saving draco malfoy or survival of the species.